What Are The Best Fixtures For Outdoor Path Lights

path lightsAmong the best uses for outdoor lighting on any kind of property is to serve as path lights. You do not need to have a big garden or maybe winding paths to use these lights, almost every house has enough space where you can install them. Path lights could be used on steps, driveways, and even paths surrounding your patios or decks. Here are a few of the best fixtures that you can use as path lights around your home.

Mushroom Lights As Path Lights

The easiest and well-known method of lighting path ways is by using tiered or mushroom lights. These kinds of lights are easy to install and are commonly solar powered. You can place the light fixture anywhere you want it. Mushroom lights have obtained their name from their shape, they look like a mushroom with a cap on it. The light is positioned beneath the cap and it ensures that the light is reflected back down at the ground where you would like it to be placed. Apart from that, the cap provides adequate space to put a solar panel so most of these light fixtures are and all you have to do is install them by staking them into the ground. They are ideal on driveways or any path surrounding your property.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are also ideal options to use as path lights in Longs. These lights can be buried into the ground and then cast their lights up into the sky. They need a bit of installation and must be utilized sparingly, however, when you do utilize them, the effects could be wonderful. They work best for step lighting and for lighting the sides of patios and decks.

Recessed side lights

Recessed side lights are also closely related to recessed up lights. These fixtures are small low-voltage lights and recessed into the placed around your path lights, however, they are mounted to the side of the path. They are the best used for lighting the stairs where you could easily place the lights in the spots to the right and left of them.


The last type of outdoor lighting fixture that works wonderful for path lighting is a tiny spotlight. The installation of a small spotlight to the side of the paths and casting the light sideways across the path offers ample light for the path while still keeping the whole area in a degree of darkness. These light fixtures work best in places where you have longer paths that are surrounded by structures and vegetation. This lets you camouflage the lights into your landscape, which will increase the effect.

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