Deck and Patio Lighting

Deck and Patio LightingDeck and patio lighting can help extend the use as well as pleasure of any outdoor area. It can also boost the security and safety as well as make the area more inviting and attractive. Once the sun sets, you could still remain outside and enjoy your outdoor deck with a well-designed and made lighting plan that can minimize energy and glare.

What Should You Illuminate?

Deck lighting are not only practical but can also be used for safety reasons. They can illuminate on a dining area placed outdoors and utilized at various levels like along the railings or on steps. It can showcase landscaping as well as architectural features such as a fountain, spa, or pool. It can develop a specific atmosphere or mood for special events.

Step as well as deck path lights have a specific function, which is to safely provide light to traffic throughout your yard and the deck. They likewise help in improving the view from indoors in the evening.

Why Hire Liighting Specialist?

Unless you are handy with lighting, it is best to hire a lighting specialist. The majority of outdoor lighting uses only 12 volts of electricity. You need a transformer to power down the indoor current of 120 volts to the 12 current outdoors. However, before you purchase one, you have to know the number of outdoor lights you need to attach as well as their wattage. The most suitable transformer will be able to handle your existing wattage requirements and an estimated 25 volts to 50 volts extra so it will not operating at full capacity and it’ll be able cater more wattage when you add more fixtures to your lighting design in the future.

Several modern fixtures require LED bulbs because they are not only cost but also energy efficient. Solar lighting has evolved and improved significantly but is not reliable or strong enough to offer enough illumination.

Fixture Types

The top deck lighting types and places to light up include:

  1. Steps – the flush mounts, surface mounts, path lights, as well as LED strip lights that are weatherproof are the best fixtures for these spots.
  2. Uplights, Spot, or Well Lights – these fixtures could be utilized to light up paths, and also create drama by emphasizing plant forms.
  3. Downlights – created to be anchored on the walls, patio roofs, trees, and eaves.
  4. Balusters – there are variations designed particularly for railings and replace actual balusters or be set up when the deck is being built.
  5. Rail lights or post caps – ornamental lighting fixtures that could be connected to rails or posts.


Although the majority of landscape lighting in Longs is modern and works with different architectural styles, specialized fixtures are available for specific types such as craftsman, colonial, Mediterranean, as well as mid-century contemporary. In terms of lighting, resist the desire to choose and eclectic appearance unless it shows the character of your interior and exterior of your home.


There are a wide array of deck lighting designs as well as solutions to hopefully help you come up with ideas for your very own lighting project.

Atlantic Lighting if you need the help of a lighting specialist in installing the best lighting system for your deck or patio.

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