Landscape Lighting Guide

landscape lightingYou’ve done everything you can to make your home and backyard look great. So why should you let that hard work go to waste at nightfall when, with just a single switch and well-placed landscape lighting, can make it all visible during the evening? If done correctly, landscape lights can make the most of what you’ve got by highlighting the focal points of your home and direct the onlooker’s attention to prized trees and plantings.

The majority of landscape lighting these days is low voltage, and not without any good reason. Compared 120-volt units, it is much safer to work with and more affordable to install. And although low voltage lights get one-tenth the power, with the help of a step down transformer, there is no limit to the effects they could get, from ethereal moonlight beaming down from a tree canopy to a soft flow that washes over a low garden wall. A pleasing landscape lighting does not just involve selecting the right hardware but also the addition of artistry and creativity.

A low Voltage Landscape Lighting System Contains:

  1. Transformer – it helps reduce a 12-vot household electric current to 12 volts, which is much safer.
  2. Bulb – will help determine the brightness, beam width, and color of the light, and electricity usage.
  3. Fixture Housing – helps safeguard the bulb from the elements and aids in shaping the light beam.
  4. Stake – it holds the lighting fixture in its proper place
  5. Cable – responsible for carrying current to light using the lead wires of the fixtures. Underlit trees as well as accent lights that are directed at façade help make an inviting atmosphere around your home after sunset.

DIY or Hire A Pro?

Homeowners can install a basic system over the weekend. For the best effects, it is better to go with a specialist who is familiar with landscape lighting in Longs. The expert must be reputable in installing various lighting fixtures as well as arranging them strategically

How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost?

The cost of an individual fixture begins at $20. The price of the cable could run at a price of 70 cents per food. You can buy a transformer for $200. Meanwhile, a professional can install a 10-light system for a price of $2,000.

What About Its Maintenance?

Make sure that lighting fixtures are free of debris and leaves so they won’t overheat. Change the burned out bulbs right away so that the other bulbs on the circuit are not subject to voltage overloads that can shorten their lifespan.

How Long Do They Last?

Most warranties for transformers and fixtures for outdoor lighting can last between one to ten years. However, lighting fixtures that are made of copper, brass, or stainless steel should shine and wore for a long time.

Tips For Designing Landscape Lighting

Trees – don’t forget to bathe the tree trunk in light if you are trying to aim ground lights up into foliage. If you don’t the uplit crown will appear like it is a UFO. If you plan to light up foliage from above, add 2 20-watt downlights as high in the tree as you can and direct them so that their beams won’t cross.

Planting beds – the fixtures should not be placed no closer than twenty feet apart.

Home façade – add bullet lights with bulbs having a 12 degree beam spread and aim them at your home’s corners or its architectural detail. The space in between them will be filled by softer wash lights.

Garden Walls – position lighting fixtures near to the base so that the beams will bring textures into sharp relief.

Focal points – showcase an element that is deserving of attention like a tree swing, arbor, or a fountain, by directing more lights at it.

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