Low Voltage Lighting

low voltage lightingWhy Install Low Voltage Lighting

Adding low voltage lighting in your outdoor area can make a huge impact on your home. This type of lighting is easy to install, which means you don’t have to be an expert in order to install it. Outdoor lighting is an excellent option when it comes to illuminating steps, paths, as well as dark zones. Furthermore, it could add artfully dramatic attention to the focal points of your yard.

Overview of Low Voltage Lighting

Outdoor low voltage lighting can offer an excellent substitute to glaring floodlights. They could be strategically placed to highlight special features of your landscape like various plants or even water features. They could be used for safety purposes. It can illuminate steps, paths, and even dark zones.

If strategically placed, they could be as natural looking and beautiful as the landscape itself. And because they are low voltage, they are safe to install. You may even add lights and wires while the system is operating.

Things to Remember For Low Voltage Lighting Installation

Purchase a bigger transformer than what you initially expected so you could add lights in the future as you expand your landscape. For instance, you need to buy a 600 watt transformer if you plan to install lights that are 400 watts.

It is not a good idea to install too much lighting fixtures. Outdoor lights look really well as accents. Flooding planting or sitting areas using stadium lights could make them appear washed out.

If you are lighting a path way, decide if you would like to light just the path or the path as well as the features surrounding it. As a general rule, if the field you want to light is broad then you will need to use a higher light pole.

You need to think about seasonal factors when you are planning the installation of low voltage lighting in Longs. Set up lights where they will not be damaged easily by shovels or plows. And remember that a few plants such as sumac, hydrangea bushes, as well as dogwoods that have colourful stems appear really great when lit up, even if they are leafless.

Installing Low Voltage Lighting Components

Place all the fixtures – before you begin installing your lighting fixture, you need to lay them out first.

Set up the low voltage lighting transformer – set up the transformer in the main location close to the outdoor GFCI outlet. Installing it on a post lets you to change the orientation of the photocell easily. Attach the main wires to the transformer. Because the transformer is going to be plugged in always, you have to change the standard outlet cover that is shown with an in-use cover that is weatherproof. This is widely available in hardware stores and home centers.

Create a solid base – create bases that are rock steady for top heavy cone and path lights from plastic pipe. This type of base will serve as a housing for the wire connection and lets you to create pole extensions of any length. It is not advisable to glue the plastic pipes.

Use weatherproof connectors – connect eh wires using wire connectors that are weatherproof. These type of wire connectors contain a shield at the bottom and sealant that make them weatherproof. In case your lights have press on connectors, you need to cut them off, strip about one half inch of insulation and set up the connectors.

Make sure the fixtures are straight – when installing the path lighting, you need to dig a hole that is deep enough so that the top part of the PVC footing is at the same level as the ground surface. You can level the light pole by using a torpedo level. Once that is done, pack soil surrounding the base. You can also secure the unburied wire in the bedding areas using aluminium tent stakes. Cover it with mulch once you are done.

Test every light – be sure to test each of the lighting fixture for its voltage level using a digital voltage meter. Readings that are extremely low means there is a bad connection somewhere in the system. It could also indicate that there are too many lights on the circuit.

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