Outdoor Lighting Repair

outdoor lighting repairWhen Do You Need Outdoor Lighting Repair?

Outdoor lighting repair can be a hassle whether you are an avid DIYer or an expert lighting specialist. Here, some of the most common problems that could lead to a malfunctioning lighting system, and why they could be hard to troubleshoot.

Common Problems That Need Outdoor Lighting Repair

Lights Won’t Turn On

There are several things that may cause this problem, which is usually broad in scope. It is best to check your transformer and find out if it still has power before you do anything else. In case the transformer has power and the lights are still not turning on, there’s likely a short that is causing the transformer to switch off. There must be a toggle switch or perhaps a fuse stat inside the transformer. You need to check the toggle switch and be sure that it is in the right place or if the fuse state has been blown. In case found that the toggle switch has flipped itself and turned itself off or perhaps the fuse stat has blown, it could be due to a short somewhere in your lighting system.

What is a Short?

A short takes place when there is an arc in the lighting system. You will see that direct burial wire that is used to power the lighting system has two wires. Arcing will happen if the currents that are going through these wires come in contact with each other.

A few reasons why this can happen occur when there is a cut wire, a wet, bad, corroded, or damaged socket, a malfunctioning wire connection and frayed wires. Arcing can happen in areas where the lighting system has been exposed to moisture and in locations where the wires have been stretched by the roots of the trees or when they are robbed against rocks.

Once again, there are just a few of the most common examples. There are several other places where electrical shorts can happen. A bad bulb may lead to an outdoor lighting repair in Longs. A bad light bulb that has malfunctioned can case an arc to take place internally.

Why Shorts Are Hard To Fix?

There are two main reasons why short circuits are hard to fix. They could sometimes happen in unusual places and they occur in different places simultaneously. It could be quite frustrating especially when you discover that the short has happened in an unusual area. It is even more frustrating to find out that the lighting system is still being tripped by something else even if you have already had the first problem repaired.

How To Reduce Risk of Tripping?

The best method to cut back on the problems in your lighting system is to make sure that it is installed correctly by a lighting specialist. You will have a system that is built to last if top quality fixtures, components, and wire connections are used.

The lighting industry has evolved over the years. Compared to the ones made several years back, the lighting systems today are far more durable and efficient. Making your lighting system to turn on and remain on are different. In case you are having problems with your lights, check them carefully. Find out the current condition of your lighting system.

You can also maintain a fully functional lighting system if you are willing to constantly maintain them. It is also important to get your outdoor lighting fixed if necessary. If your lighting system is giving you trouble repeatedly, then it is time to call a professional.

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