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path lightingWhy Hire Lighting Specialists To Install Your Path Lights?

Yes, you can buy lighting fixtures from stores near you and install it yourself to save cash. But don’t expect it to operate and function the same as the ones installed by a reputable lighting specialist. Even though it is tempting to think of ways to cut back on the costs linked to hiring a professional for your path lightings or landscape lighting system, you should never fall for it. You get what you pay for. This applies to hiring a professional or an amateur.

Several people prefer looking for a low cost contractor to do the work or try to do it on their own before they realize that hiring an expert will not just give them a lifetime warranty. They can also make several free service calls for a long period of time, maintenance services at discounted prices, and preferred scheduling, which will become cheaper as time passes by.

Never short change yourself. Saving a few bucks on a project that you wish to last for a long time won’t do you any good. Providing the appropriate illumination to architectural structures as well as landscape features need experience and extensive knowledge. Installing LED landscape lights need extensive training as well as a first hand knowledge of how the lights can affect structures, nature, water features, and so on. Lighting specialists possess skills needed to get the job done.

It is true that you can find guidelines online. However, those how have done this almost always regret their choice. It’s because there is a huge difference between theory and actual experience. The latter offers so much more compared to what words can provide. There are many reasons why an expert installation service like Atlantic Lighting is believed to be of excellent value and they’re all very simple to understand. You can purchase fixtures at stores near you, however this is just a fraction of your lighting system and these kinds of lighting units tend to come with an extremely limited warranty.

There is an explanation behind this limited warranty; cheap components and substandard quality materials. Compare this idea with a situation where your specialist lets you buy parts to fix your transmission. You have got a piece of the puzzle, however, not enough to get things done, right? You need to have the experience and knowledge in attaching the flywheel as well as realigning the gears so that you do not get stuck on the wrong part of town in the evening and you cannot get your vehicle to shift gears. LED lighting fixtures are only a part of the system that comprises the design. The fact that you’ve got the parts does not mean that you may have or must install a lighting system just like you have to let a lighting specialist in Longs fix your transmission. For a complete package, you can work with a professional who can guarantee their work, your lighting system, and your satisfaction.

It basically means having the parts and basic knowledge or guidelines doesn’t guarantee that you will successfully install a system that serves your purpose. Experience and knowledge is as important as the lighting fixtures themselves when it comes to the installation process.

Listed below are a few reasons why you need to hire the experts for the installation of your pathway lighting and LED lighting system.

Knowledge Of The Electrical Theory

Installing a landscape lighting unit means you need to know the electrical theory well. You should have comprehensive knowledge about voltage drop as well as the effects it could have on your pathway lighting and landscape lighting in general. A voltage drop can ruin a lighting design if you fail to give equal voltage to every fixture. As a result your lighting design will not be balanced. Some will have a lights that are too bright while others have dim spots.

Use The Right Tools for Pathway Lighting Installation

Using the right tools is also crucial for this kind of job. Here at Atlantic Lighting, our team have the needed tools to correctly install the appropriate fixture in the right location. Our professional lighting specialists are real craftsmen. Several crew members know how stonework and landscaping, which means they know how to install lighting systems in such a way that the wires are concealed.

Never Go Cheap

Using coupons to save on groceries is great but this does not apply to pathway lighting and LED outdoor lighting system. Your home is one of your greatest investment and the lights in and out of your house is an extension of that significant investment. It is not a good idea to invest in cheap lighting products that do not last and only cause you to buy another set several times within a year. By hiring experts, you will most likely get fixtures as well as transformers they install have a lifetime warranty.

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